We create bespoke, made-to-measure access solutions for your business. Our doors can blend in to the existing aesthetics of the premises, and all come with our product and service guarantee. Here are some examples of our recent work.


The cellar walls at this property had collapsed. We rebuilt them with concrete blocks before a new set of out doors were installed. We took care of the whole project from start to finish, including the painting.


An old pub refurbished into a domestic dwelling. The homeowner wanted to take their bicycle to and from the cellar for the weekend rides so a new set of bespoke doors were installed with a lead flashing seal against the building.


A stainless infilled door filled with marble weighing in at over 100kg! Our gas-assisted system means even at that weight, it's easy to open and close. Everything is made to measure including the wine bottle door keys!


As these solid oak doors show, not all of our doors are external and fabricated from metal. We can do them all.